Our Materials


Our wetsuits & swimwear at Gemma Lee are something special and we want to share with you the incredible processes to create beautiful eco-conscious suits! All our textiles processes have Bluesign certification which ensures our precious water resources are protected in the effort for maximum sustainable practices. So, let’s break it down.



Our luxurious swimwear is made from 100% recycled materials such as abandoned fishing nets and other post-consumer products, using ECONYL® Nylon LYCRA®. A material that participates in the "Healthy Seas Initiative 'A Journey from Waste to Wear'". We also searched high & low for the most eco-conscious swimwear hygienic liners, which are all compostable- so please dispose responsibly. In all our swimwear packaging we use kraft paper (with no plastic tape), and twine that can be reused. While our swimwear courier bags are all home compostable. 


Limestone based Neoprene

All our wetsuits at Gemma Lee are made from limestone-based neoprene. Limestone based neoprene is a more eco-conscious material as it uses zero oil in its manufacturing unlike standard neoprene.

What’s even better is that Limestone based neoprene has far more superior qualities than traditional oil-based neoprene. Due to its high micro-cell structure, limestone neoprene has distinct advantages versus oil-based neoprene:

  • It is warmer
  • It is more durable
  • It is lighter in weight
  • It is stretchier

 making for a more functional wetsuit, while surfing in style! 


Recycled PET Bottles

We constantly ask ourselves at Gemma Lee how can we do things better, and how can we design for impact! That’s why our linings of all our wetsuits are made from recycled PET bottles. This process has been designed with the environment in mind, with our supplier developing the process to help remove waste from the world.


Aqua Glues

We use aqua based glues to laminate the linings to our suits.  The environmental impact is very minimal and safe versus traditional solvent based glues that are used in traditional wetsuits which are harmful & hazardous to the environment.


Fabric Dyes

Our gorgeous coloured linings are dyed using water saving techniques that have been accredited. The reduction in water use, using these techniques, is as much as 80% over standard techniques used for dying.



All our vibrant colours and prints use sublimation techniques, meaning no additional dying processes are used, and zero water wastage!