Limestone based neoprene

Our wetsuits are exclusively made from premium limestone-based neoprene, also known as Geoprene. Old-fashioned wetsuits are petroleum based with a different cell structure. A petroleum based wetsuit has a cell penetration of 60-70%, they soak up water like a sponge, they get heavy, let the cold water get to you, and are an absolute pain to get on with their limited stretch. 


Meanwhile Geoprene wetsuits have got your back! All because they are 94% water impermeable. This distinctive cell structure of a Geoprene suit makes them warmer, lighter; absorbing little water,  more durable, and stretchier. Once you try on a Geoprene wetsuit, there is no going back!


While we use limestone based neoprene, as this is one of the best eco-friendly neoprene options of the 21st century that doesn’t compromise functionality of a wetsuit, but enhances it. As textile innovation continues we are excited to see even better sustainable neoprene in the future. But for now, we take the best option available to us

Recycled PET bottles

We constantly ask ourselves at Gemma Lee how can we do things better, and how can we design for impact! That’s why our linings of all our wetsuits are made from recycled PET bottles. This process has been designed with the environment in mind, with our supplier developing the process to help remove waste from the world.

Bluesign Certified

Did you know that the volume of water consumed by the fashion industry is already large enough to fill nearly 32 million olympic sized swimming pools!? That is a lot of water wastage, and most likely a lot of toxic water too! We know how important it is to protect our precious water resources! That’s why all our textile processes are Bluesign certified, which is a water saving technique that reduces water usage, as much as 80% over standard techniques used for dying.

Aqua Glues

We use aqua based glues to laminate the linings to our suits.  The environmental impact is very minimal and safe versus traditional solvent based glues that are used in traditional wetsuits which are harmful & hazardous to the environment.


Our luxurious swimwear is made from 100% recycled materials such as abandoned fishing nets and other post-consumer products, using ECONYL® Nylon LYCRA®. A material that participates in the "Healthy Seas Initiative 'A Journey from Waste to Wear'". Thousands of fishing nets are discarded in the ocean every year, killing our beautiful marine life. Using a material that regenerates nets into premium Nylon is one way we can reduce waste in the world, and give these discarded nets a new life. 

We also searched high & low for the most eco-conscious swimwear hygienic liners, which are all compostable- so we ask you to please dispose responsibly.