• Full wetsuits

    Shop our eco-conscious essential range

  • Full Wetsuits

    Shop our eco-conscious essential range

  • Swimwear

    Made in NZ from abandon fishing nets


⚡A few times a year we will drop a limited edition collection of print wetsuits available for a limited time only

Throughout the year you can always shop from our essential range of colour blocked full wetsuits & current collection of springsuits.

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We are guardians of the Ocean

70% of the planet is embraced by the ocean.

In the last 40 years, half of all marine life has been lost. By 2050 it is projected that there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.

WE ARE here to rewrite the future for our devine ocean.

We craft all our wetsuits & swimwear from eco-conscious materials. Our materials are made from recycled PET bottles to abandoned fishing nets.

Read more on our materials here…


    Shop from our year round essential range

Locally Made

We celebrate the hands that bring our suits to life, and the not forgotten art of craftsmanship. Our suits are ethically made by a passionate team across Australia and New Zealand.  The magic that our team creates is truly inspiring.


Welcome to the Playground

The ocean is our playground. It draws us in with a feeling like no other. With our Gemma Lee suits in tow, we travel the oceans of the world experiencing all it has to offer. We live for the adventure. We seek the secrets of the ocean.

Join our passionate community of ocean loving-women

We're a passionate community of ocean-loving women who bond over our salty stories, our sun streaked hair and ocean perfume... and shhh we’ll let you in on some Gemma Lee sneak peaks and behind the scenes too…

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